Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My whirlwind life

Phew, what a lot going on so far this August!  Most of it has been great and that's such a nice change, really.  I'm a little tired but it's a good tired.  A Job Well Done tired. I don't have everything I've been doing done or posted yet, but here's a few things from the photo side of my life

I won! Yes, I actually won a web contest from a very cool site that I visit most days, just to check it out. I have an idea for my prize, but haven't gotten around to collecting it yet. What a shocker, eh?

I got Baby Jacob's photos blogged and he's got quite the fan club for such a youngun'! I'm doing a whole family session with him in the near future and can't wait - they are a gorgeous family.

Rhianna & Aaron's wedding album is done and in their gallery. I've put a few teaser pages up for your viewing pleasure. I love timeless layouts that their grand-children will be able to look back on without laughing too hard!

The Novotel Ningaloo has just launched a new tv ad campaign to promote weddings there and my photos are featured! Yay, me! The 15 second ad is here and I'll add the 30 second ad once I have it.

I still have a bunch of photography stuff to post and more sessions coming up, so I'm excited to be so busy on that front. I also taught an Underwater Photography course this past week, but surprisingly don't actually have a lot of photos to share as I was concentrating on helping my student in the tough conditions rather than spending time shooting. Hopefully there will be more diving in my near-ish future!

I'm doing well on my de-clutter-a-thon this week. Sunday was closet day. It's a pretty scary place, my clothes closet. It's tiny and overflowing so you'd think it would be easy to select ten items to be donated. But I kept having conversations with myself like "oh, this shirt can go" [fold, fold, stack in pile]

"umm, well, actually, it's the only Hawaiian shirt I own, and yes, I haven't worn it in over 5 years, but what if we get invited to a Hawaiian shirt themed party? I'll have nothing to wear and have to buy a NEW one and that's just a silly waste of money" [unfold, find hanger, hang it back up]

I seem to have a lot of things that still have tags on them. Most of them are still in my closet. Coz, you know, one day I might suddenly decide that this item is the perfect choice for, well, I dunno, but some future event. And, boy, aren't I a smartie for having the forethought to buy that perfect thing YEARS in advance in anticipation of, well, said future event. And you just know that I bought it on sale, so not only am I predictor of future fashion needs, but I'm also tres savvy with a dollar.

Some decisions were pretty easy, though. Say this shirt. I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought it. I mean, it's a fine shirt, very pretty embroidery, but it is SO very NOT me. Ever. I must have been in a shopping frenzy. Or blind. (Oh, and if you were with me when I did this I think we need to re-evaluate our give and take with "do you think this is cute?" & "do I look ok")

And these. Yes, they are black velour short shorts. Hot pants. I remember buying them at the Fremantle Markets when I was still a teenager. I wore them with thigh high, 4" stiletto heel black suede boots. I was very kick-ass. 20 years ago. Now, at 39 there is no way - even it was physically still possible - that I will be wearing them.

I do miss the boots though. I wonder where they are...

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Gilsner said...

Love it! I can relate to the Hawaiian shirt... I have a cowboy shirt (ssh... don't tell) that I can't seem to part with. What if my work has a 'western wear' day (or yours has a 'wear a hawaiian shirt' day)??? Of course my work doesn't have any such 'days'... but you never know when they might start ;) Now I need a crazy hat and some funky pajamas... just in case.