Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Feel the love

Our kitties have been snuggling in during the recent cold nights but it's not usual to see them quite this cuddled up!  Especially not with Boof, the low man on the totem pole, kneading away at the quilt while stretched over Lobo as he tries to snooze!  Ahh, kitty lovin'

I came home the other night to find some more bizarre Boof behaviour...at least Til tried to convince me it was his doings and not hers.

Tilly was smug - "I told you it wasn't me!"  I'm pretty sure I still don't believe her!

I had a busy weekend as I had a wedding to shoot on Saturday.  Thankfully we had a little bit of breeze to keep things cool enough as the sun was extremely bright!  The bride and groom were very sweet and the whole day was beautiful.  I have their gallery up on Kristin Anderson Photography (click client login) as well as a few selected photos on the blog there.

Dave just got back from Perth this morning and hopefully he had some good results finally.  Seems the original dose of the meds was a little high - like five times what he should have been on!  No wonder his hair started to fall out and he felt terrible.  So he's starting a new round at the correct dosage and we are hopeful that it will bring him some relief.

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