Sunday, September 21, 2008

Come along, Kiddos

One of the town emu dad's has three new chicks.  They are so tiny and so cute with their little stripy football shaped bodies!  Dad was not amused as I tried to take shots of the little ones - he kept charging, spitting and hissing at me whenever I would try to get up alongside them or in front of them.  So I, being the brave soul I am, chose to stay back ... and come back another day with a longer lens!

Here they go around the corner

Getting the evil eye

Off down the alley

Follow me, obey the rules

Dave has started working on the great shed clean-up project again. It's taking a long time because there are so many distractions and his helpers keep running off with new treasures!

Tilly has a few problems figuring out how to carry the bat

But eventually figures it out...even if she then isn't sure why!

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