Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Great Shed Clean-Up ... Take II ... Day One

You may remember the beginning of this adventure back in early September.  It's taken a while to get started on Phase Two, but yesterday Dave organized a crew to come in and lend a hand.  We worked from about 9am to 5pm and took a good chunk out of it.

The yard in the morning as Carl starts the initial sorting

Rowie starts hauling stuff

Inside the shed at the start of the day

Tilly with a cheeky grin...that's a newly renovated hole behind her

View from the door back towards the patio as the sorting continues - there's even some empty space!

The shed by about 11am

stuff everywhere

The backyard at 11am

Dora just chillin'

MatildaLily has to check to see that Dora's doing OK without her

Backyard at 11:30am

Lunch cooking on Dave's new sausage BBQ

MatildaLily and Dora were actually very good dogs most of the day. We had the gate open and the shed open but neither of them ran away...until about 5pm! Then they were BOOM gone down the road. I ran after them and Dora came back, but Til was long gone. Luckily, Dave was driving back at the same time and stopped to collect her. She, of course, thought him chasing her was a great game. She had bolted down there after a little dog and was having excellent fun. When Dave tried to get her in the car, the other dog ran over and hopped right in...Til took off towards me and I ran home with her. The other dog, Jed, was a total sweetie and luckily he had a collar so we called his dad to come get him. In the meantime, we popped them all in the backyard and they had a really good time running amok. We did lock the cats indoors and Jed really liked watching them!

Finally we have some real progress...here's the scene from the shed at quittin' time

Looking back to the shed from the edge of the patio

The patio - it looks worse than it is. Most of those boxes are books and I have them all sorted, so it's a matter of putting the bookshelf back in the house and putting the other books out for sale next weekend.

The shed is looking tidy and organized. There is still a lot to go back into it, but at least there is room, you can get to things and it's clean!

The dogs were exhausted after the big day and playtime

A well deserved beer at the end of the day

We are hoping that one more hard day will see everything back in its proper place, a big load gone to the tip and a big pile ready for a yard sale next weekend!

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