Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mellow week

Gosh, I just don't have much for the blog today as we're just doing what we do each day.  Nothing exciting here at all really!

My new lenses arrived the other day and I spent a little time this morning shooting wide open on the new 50 f1.4 as it's a tricky little thing! I got it to use in very low light and also to get a very shallow depth of field. It's fun!

Lobo is practicing his "Mom, not again" face

and getting quite good at it.

crop of the above to test my lens for sharpness...it scores well!

Boof likes to pretend to ignore me

but ultimately gives in to curiosity

Harry doesn't even bother to wake up...isn't he elegant?

Tilly opened an eye while snoozing on our bed

then I focused on her nose to check detail and really show how shallow the DOF is

The day I got it I also harassed the animals a little bit:
Tilly with her "put upon" face

Boof giving me the evil eye...again

and trying to figure out how to extend just ONE claw

Lobo taking it in stride

We've been getting out to the beach some afternoons and the other day there were two emus at the big waterhole.

Digger even started to play with the Girls the other day.

He thought chasing MatildaLily was awesome fun!

He was very pleased with his efforts

We also hooked up the Wii Fit the other day finally. Dave got it while I was away and I thought it was just going to be dumb, so I've been avoiding plugging it in. But I was wrong! Not only is the Wii itself fun, but I'm really digging the Wii Fit. I've hula hooped, played tennis and baseball, bowled, done yoga and step aerobics and a whole bunch of other things. So far I'm having a ball and it's a nice break when I have a big day in the office or just want to have a laugh. No photos of me on the Wii ;)

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