Sunday, September 14, 2008

An evening on the beach

Dave and I managed to get out to watch the sun go down last night.  Unfortunately, the sky was really clear so it was just a pretty sunset instead of spectacular sunset, but we enjoyed it!  We started up at the Lighthouse but there were far too many people - no suprise, but you gotta check - and so we trekked down to the beach.  A bunch of fishermen showed up so we loaded the dogs back into the car and tried another beach so we could have some space to ourselves.

Perfect beach.  No people anywhere, beautiful reflections on the water, lots of room for the dogs to run amok, slightly sheltered from the wind.  Just gorgeous.

Of course, we had plenty of muchies and a nice bottle of champagne to relax with as we simply chatted and relaxed the rest of the daylight away.

The dogs were moderately patient

Then took off for one last wade as the sun slipped into the sea

Earlier in the day I finally broke out my lighting umbrella and remote triggers for my flashes. I've had them just sitting on the shelf since last November, so it was time to have a play. I recruited Boof to sit in the shade for me

Tilly, of course, couldn't stay away and had to see what Boof was doing

Boof kept an eye on her as she circled the set

MatildaLily followed me back inside when I decided to recruit Dave for a little can see the beads from some poor stuffed animal (we haven't found the toy in question as yet)

And my favorite shot of the day


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