Saturday, September 13, 2008

Demon child

Last night Dave and I were going to take the Girls around to the West Side to watch the sunset, but he forgot we had a staff meeting planned so we ended up at the town beach for a little walk instead.
Do I have to sit in the backseat with her?


MatildaLily was crazy nutso the whole time

Even when something behind us caught Dora's attention, Til was in full motion, going the wrong way (and isn't she the picture of grace here?)

They had a couple of dust ups, too

I tried to get a photo of them being good girls

but someone just couldn't stand still for two seconds

Even trying to get a scenic shot of Miss Dora strolling on the beach was a challenge

We only had a short walk before the meeting but Dora was an angel about going back to the car...though she did stop to give me the opportunity to lift her into the car (which I declined and she was perfectly capable!)

Looking out waiting for MatildaLily to stop chasing the birds and come back to the car

This was the start of Til's naughtiness. No way, no how was she coming back to the car. There are no photos because I had to put the camera down as Dave and I tried everything to get her to come back to us. She was a total brat - zooming all over, running just out of reach and generally being a snot. Finally I timed it right and she jumped into the car!

The fun didn't stop there, though. When we got to the dive shop and Dave went to let the dogs out of the car I asked if he had a lead. Tilly had lost her off-lead privileges with me the other day when we got back from the beach and instead of running to the front door as she usually does, she took off around the corner to play with the neighbors cat. No, he didn't have a lead. I said "Ok, watch her"

She zipped into the building and tore through the dive shop, rubbing on everyone on the way past. The boys were lowering the roller door and ZIP, she's gone. Dave starts the chase, but she decides she's really going for a roam so I have to join, too. We follow this dumb dog for blocks. Round and round some houses. Out into the bush. Back across the street, find some tasty tidbit in some poor soul's garden, to the other side of the road...finally Dave corralled her in a kiddie park that has a fence. He was not amused. I'd borrowed a lead from a friend and Dave snapped that on her collar and back we went for the meeting.

She pranced along as pleased as she could be with herself.

Demon child!

At the end of the meeting, the sky had turned and a few splatters of rain even started. But at least we know what's under the rainbow!

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