Friday, September 5, 2008

The great clean-up...take 1

We decided to get out of our storage shed yesterday thanks to crazy rent prices. Unfortunately, it was a snap decision and we don't really have any place to put any of the stuff that was stored there! So it's all out in our backyard until we can tidy our own shed up enough and cull some of the unnecessary junk. Of course, it decided to rain today, so now everything's all soggy and we're delaying the gargantuan task ahead.

Even Dora thought it was a little overwhelming

before she decided that maybe there was something worth sniffing out

We are hoping MatildaLily stays out of trouble, but I can't imagine how tempting it all must be to her. I guess maybe the rain is lucky after all since she still detests going out in it! Another upside is that it doesn't matter if we leave the gate open - there's no way any one or any doggie is getting in or out!

I started sorting some of the boxes yesterday and found roughly 7 billion chargers and hand held radios, but at least they are sorted and their cords are tidied! It was worse than dealing with Christmas lights...speaking of Christmas lights, I didn't even try to start those! I was so motivated by that good start, today I decided to finish up conquering my office...a project that started a few weeks ago and then got pushed aside. I started with this:

And today I'm this far

Yes, I do have a very ugly concrete floor now. We pulled the carpet that the puppies had destroyed up when I began the office tidy-up. We haven't decided what flooring to put down in any of the bedrooms yet - they are all bare concrete now. One day we'll get that far!

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