Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodbye January

You will not be missed by me.

2010 was meant to be a great year, but so far it's brought a lot of stress, a lot of time away from Dave, a lot of things that are hard to think about. For each step forward, I was bounced back a couple of feet when I hit a wall I didn't see sneaking up. It kinda sucked overall.

Dave's been in Perth since the 11th and that's just too long. Unfortunately, it's going to be even longer with no definite date on his return yet. It's not all bad: he's been working hard, he's had weekends off, he's been able to spend some time with friends & family. All good things.

The Furkids and I have been holding down the fort pretty well. I spend every day at the dive shop (I finally took today off as town is dead and it was windy) as we are running a very small crew over this quiet season. The Girls and I get to the beach most mornings before I come in to work and then we have a big play in the afternoons. The kittehs mostly just cry at me for more food - even when their dishes are still full. Lobo has been a cuddle-bug and usually sleeps most nights with MatildaLily & me.

Yes, Ms Thing has decided our bed is just fine for her, too. I've given up kicking her out as it's less annoying than when she throws 3/4 of herself onto me in the wee morning hours!

I have been trying to be good about having a bit of camera fun each day, hopefully you've checked out the Retro January posts :) Here are some more bits & bobs from this month.

Dora working some OCF

Da Boofa


Dora being a total goof

January wasn't *all* bad and even though there's a lot of things that aren't sprinkled with fairy dust, all in all, I survived, had some smiles & laughs and believe that February will be great!

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Sigourney P said...

Those pictures that you took of the dog and the cat are beautiful i like the way you have captured them :)