Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We are possessed

Seemingly by spirits that demand every idiot person on the planet in Exmouth leave their random animals with or near us.

Not 20 minutes ago a random lady comes into the dive shop. "Is your dog in your car?"

Umm, no. It's like 43C here today.

"Well, someone has left their dog in the car across the road and I thought it might be you or one of your divers."

I look out. Sure enough, there's a blue Land Cruiser with a dog tied to the backdoor.

"No, it's not one of our people. That car hasn't been there very long." I know this because I've been in and out of the front door about a zillion times today and for some reason every time I come near the door, I am compelled to look over at the tree across the road where I last saw our last Left Doggie, like maybe he's come back or something.

The lady says his water is hot and asks if I can give him a new bowl of cool water. Sure can. Have the water dish from the last dog left in unsuitable conditions right here.

Ol' Zeke seems perfectly happy under his car, waiting for his family to finish at the pub or wherever they are. I'm keeping an eye on him in case he's a chewer, though I'm not sure I'll be fast enough to stop him. The lady rang the numbers on his collar and left messages, so hopefully he'll be headed home to the air-conditioning soon.

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