Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thinking Out Loud Thursday #3

Heartin' Howie
I admit it. I'm a Howie Long fan. I liked him in his 1998 movie Fire Storm. I've probably watched it 20 times.

Think of me what you will.

Now he's doing ads for Chevy in the US and I like them, too. They mostly make me have a little out loud laugh.

And Howie is aging very, very well. Heck, I'll say it. Howie is HOT. He does, however, need to get some more current hot photos of hisself up on the web coz my search didn't find much worth popping in here, unfortunately.

Some people, of course, take these ads far too seriously and get all het up about them. Check out for a few of Howie's ads, a little commentary about smack talking and don't forget to read the comments - I think some people need to get out and drive their trucks more and not take advertisers quite so much to heart (and, hey, c'mon, leave the Howie-man alone, he's doing a job!)

Why keep it?
Highlighters that don't highlight anymore. Why is it so hard to throw them out when all they do is make a weak bit of colour over top of your text? Do other people have a problem tossing them in the bin, or is it just us who simply return the weak ones to the pen jar so we can be frustrated again next time (or so the next person is)?

Coming clean time - I've been the only Shop Dolly for the past week and It's taken me six days to toss an orange one. Perhaps it's time to re-instigate my Ten Items Out a Day Plan II...

Photographer awesomeness
There are some mind-blowing photographers out there. Zack Arias is one of those above and beyond his photography skills. He seems to be a genuinely interesting, interested and involved guy, and that's a special and rare thing. His blog is filled with enormously useful information for other photographers and he encourages everyone who comes across his path to be a better photographer, be a better person, be a better member of community.

These posts from 2009 are something special and worth your time to check out:
August 12th
August 14th

His white seamless technique series is a must read for photographers.

He's got a new blog for his 2010 365 Project and I try to check it out every few days. His image for January 17th really struck me and then I saw that he had added a link to show the setup. I'm always interested in how a photographer achieved something that resonates with me so I clicked. And was blown away. To be able to see that, spur of the moment, just having your normal day? Just wow.

When less is more
Why when you order a pizza and add a topping do they charge you extra but when you order a pizza and have them remove a topping, they don't charge you less? It's especially galling when you do a ditzy moment and ask them to remove the wrong thing.

TV worth watching
I've just started watching a new (to us!) series -> The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.

In a televison sea of absolute crap, it is a breath of fresh air (and I'll mix my metaphors if I want to!). And look, they even know how to use an apostrophe, you know gotta watch it now.


Gilsner said...

lol, love this! Especially the bit about the highlighters (I do love my stationary!) and the pizza toppings! Hilarious!

Jane said...

I was just using a weak highlighter but did I chuck it? Well no, no I didn't. sigh, must be genetic. The detective agency books are an entertaining read as well :-) Alexander McCall is the author, methinks.

Jane said...

oh, oh, oh, I forgot to say, YES to Howie appreciation!

Jane said...

sorry, alexander mccall SMITH. mea culpa.