Monday, January 4, 2010

How can I be four days behind

Amazing, my skillz. It's January 4th and I'm already four days behind this new year. Must be some sort of a record, really. I do hope there's a cool prize.

I had great intentions of making sure I did a blog post at least every other day. I also had great intentions of taking some photos just for fun every single day. Actually, I am doing OK on those, I just haven't really gotten good at downloading, editing and uploading them to steps. It's always nice to have room to improve, I guess.

So far our 2010 has been interesting.

A tree jumped out of a driveway while Dave was backing up and hurt the back of the Land Cruiser

We've had a water leak out the back that has turned the patio into a bit of a swimming pool; the air-conditioner in the living room coped with the heat - we've been between 46-49C for days now - by leaking a bit of water down the wall and said water may have slightly dripped into a powerboard so now we're pulling all of our cords (you have no idea the sheer number) out and waiting for it all to dry before Dave goes touching anything; I've been out on the boat guiding customers and yesterday did something painfully bad to my ear; for some reason some of the email I try to send to the dive shop simply comes right back to me & we can't figure out why so I spend more time resending via Dave's address just to get it where it needs to go; our treadmill (Dave's been running almost daily, me, not so much) just had its shock absorbers go kaput so now it works but without any incline. Boof does not seem bothered.

We could all learn a lot from Boof.

Since Christmas we've just been doing what we do. Working at the dive shop and out on the boats, taking the Girlies down to the watery place, trying to stay cool, catching up with friends for a few drinks & conversation.

I'm still getting used to one of my new lenses so have been dragging it to the shop and around the house whenever I can. The other day after getting back from our dives there were three emus across the road from Exmouth Diving Centre. Several of our clients headed over to take some photos and one of the girls got adopted pretty quickly as the emus begged for food. Once they saw the only thing to be had was a camera, they resuming plucking scraps from the grass next to where the food van parks five nights a week.

MatildaLily continues to be a most uncooperative subject and her new thing is completely ignoring me when I have a camera

Lobo puts up with me, but I'm pretty sure it was mostly because it was too danged hot for him to get up and move away

Dora isn't super keen on photos, but she's a smoocher when I try to get a shot up close with her...this is the outtake from the other day, but I like it.

Photography is picking up again and I'm spending a lot of time working with clients, answering new emails and creating new options for my brides & portrait clients. I am so looking forward to everything this year!

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