Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thinking out Loud Thursday #2

Welcome to the second installment of TOLT (hmmm, maybe that acronym isn't the greatest...or maybe it works "I TOLT you that!") I've got two pressing questions tucked in here this week - one about cheeseburgers and one about hugging. It doesn't get much more eclectic.

Finding My America is far more than just a journey across the nation.  Jane has a strong, powerful voice that pulls you in and makes you feel and makes you think.  Whether she's talking about the people and places she's meeting or reflecting on herself, she's someone you want to meet.

Defining a cheeseburger:
I've had a couple of really long days and I didn't quite make it to the supermarket, so I decided to order dinner from Planet Burgers, a little mobile van that sets up right outside Exmouth Diving Centre Wednesday to Sunday.

This is my verbatim order (coz I'm fussy):
I'd like a cheeseburger with only lettuce, tomato, pineapple, jalepenos and a little sour cream & garlic sauce on it.

The nice lady read it back and it's all good. I was sitting with a couple of friends when I ordered and one of them laughed when he heard me order "that's not a cheeseburger!" he exclaimed.

Now, as an American, I've heard this before so I understand what he's saying. I think it's crazy and nonsensical, but I understand. The first time an Aussie said this to me I was like "What do you mean it's not a cheeseburger??" and that got great laughs and many "Oh, you Americans!" type comments. Fast forward to last night.

The lady brings me my food and as I get her cash, I overhear her having a big of a guffaw with my friend about that not being a cheeseburger. So I say "I know that you all think this isn't a cheeseburger but that doesn't make sense at all. It's a burger with cheese so "cheeseburger" and then I want the extras on it. If that's not a "cheeseburger" what is it?"

She says, with a perfectly straight face "Then it's not a cheeseburger anymore! It's a hamburger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pineapple, jalepenos and sour cream & garlic sauce. A cheeseburger is meat and cheese on a bun with optional mustard and onions."

What say you? Is this yet another Crazy Aussie thing...or is it a Crazy American thing? Who's right? What is a cheeseburger?

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Please don't make me explain it. Just take a moment...

Hugging - When do you do it?
I'm pro hugging. I like to be greeted and to greet with a hug. It feels nice. It feels like the other person is truly interested in you and happy that you are near them. It's a little connection. I'm even pro hugging for more casual friends. I think it's a positive and shows that you're happy to know them, perhaps would be amenable to becoming better friends.

I'm pro-hugging newly met friends, too. I think it sets a good precedent for future encounters. Sometimes I find it tough to go from a non-hugging status quo to the next stage in the relationship that includes hugging when you see each other. What if the reason we haven't been hugging is because this person isn't a hugger and then I overstep and make them uncomfortable? No, better to start at the outset, I reckon.

As pro hugging as I am, I don't seem to do it that often. I'm not sure why. I think it has to do with reading other people's signals. I'm a very good body language reader in a wide variety of social settings. Hug time isn't one of those, unfortunately. I really want to go in for a quick Hello Hug, but most of the time I pull myself up short, unsure and unwilling to take the chance my Welcome, Friend Hug will be unwanted, or even rejected. This hasn't actually happened to me, but the thought lives in the back of my brain.

And then, because I pull back I'm sure it puts the other person in a sticky spot - initiate over the slight hesitation or forget about it altogether. And now we both feel a little awkward. Or maybe I just imagine we both do and it's really just me.

So, what do you do? Are you a Hello Hugger?

For the record, the next time you meet me, if you're not totally anti-hugging, go ahead and give me the Secret Hello Huggers Cue coz I'm happy to hug, I just need a little reassurance!

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Robert Whetton said...

well my 1/2lb cheese burger usually has burger, cheese, lettuce, raw onion and ketchup

there used to be a burger van sat outside sotton university here in the UK and he did the big bastard burger

basically u paid a fiver and got 3/4lb of meat with fried egg, mushrooms, pineapple ring, lettuce, onion and ketchup/mayo, a bag of chips (fries) and a coke!

i didn't want the fried egg or mushrooms, so hed throw in another 1/4 of meat instead :D damn those were good times.. must revisit and see if he's still there..