Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 3.1 Anniversary to Us!

Hard to believe it was three years ago today that Dave and I were in sunny rainy sunny Cozumel for our first wedding celebration. We had a fabulous time with good friends and family surrounding us, a live three piece Mexican band, good food and amazing weather.

The bride - ME! - had nothing but sunshine all day long, but the groom - DAVE! - and some of the guests got poured on coming to the ceremony site from the hotel. It made for some amazing sky backdrops during and after the ceremony. And it bucketed down after dinner at our reception.

I know, you're still looking at the title and thinking "3.1?" What the hell does that mean? We are a two continent couple so we had two weddings - our first was this one on 11 January 2007 and our second was back in Exmouth, Western Australia, on 2 February 2007. Who says you can only wear the dress once?!

It's a little confusing to all involved, but on the upside, we have two chances to remember our anniversary (for the record, we both forgot both last year) I remembered this one this year & tucked a card into the car with Dave as he had to leave for an extended trip to Perth early this morning. His exact words, via mobile phone from 400kms down the track, after reading the card "is it our anniversary today?"

Yes, he had to leave on another Perth trip on our anniversary. Guess I'll be having a toast with the furkids to celebrate tonight.

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