Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

Two weeks ago I had an excellent plan for my first blog post of the year. Then real life crept back in and most of what I thought about where I'd be on this momentous day turned out to be...well...different.

2009 had its ups and downs and mostly I'm pretty happy to see it gone. Again. Seems like the past couple of years have been like that. But I have hopes for 2010, my 40th year. I don't expect it to be all butterflies, sunshine and fairy dust but I'm hoping for a little more of that mixed in, at least. I've got a few more battle scars thanks to '09, but I also have some more strength, some more character, some more sense of who I am and who I want to be. Those are good things.

I know first posts are supposed to be all about the resolutions we're making so here are some of mine. You know, so there's a record!
#1 I'm going to find some more of my wild child, find some more fun, laugh more. I want to stop comparing myself to others or worrying about what others think so much. I want to be confident that I am actually lovable and valuable as just me, even when I don't fit the mold very well.

#2 I turn 40 this year and I am going to get back to the Fit Me. Maybe not the Fit Me I was when I was 23, but the Fit Me who takes better care of herself so she can get out and enjoy everything in life with those she loves. Yeah, Baby - 40 is gonna be fabulous!

#3 I'm going to be more organized, hoard less stuff and keep things tidier in my physical space. Fierce, that's my new motto. Except for my desk. I have a system.

#4 I'm going to wear clothes that are not work clothes sometimes & not put my hair in a sloppy ponytail or under a hat every day. I know, hard to imagine, but I do own things that don't say "Exmouth Diving Centre" or "Ningaloo Reef". Not many things, but some. I may even wear more pink. I will have to buy new shorts.

#5 I'm going to grow my business, Kristin Anderson Photography. I love it, I love my clients, I love experimenting, I love just having a camera in my hands. I love everything about what I'm creating. I want to do it every day! It's my purrfect job (ok, sorry, I had to try to figure out how to stick this photo of a tiger in here)

OK, nuff of the corny "first day of the rest of my life" post. At least I found a use for some of the photos I'd never looked at that I shot with my then spankin' new Canon 40D & Canon 70-200L 2.8 IS lens at the Denver Zoo back in 2007 - see, I've already started organizing & tossing stuff by cleaning a hard drive today! I think that means I can safely put a tick next to #3 above now, right?

It's going to be 43C here tomorrow, I'm going to be out on the boat guiding divers and who knows what else. One thing's for sure, there will be another post of nothing much at all and another photo or two...that's another resolution I'm aiming for :)

Happiest New Year to You All - bring on 2010!

Day 1 of the new year and Dora's already over the whole Mom with Camera thing!


Gilsner said...

43C?!? It is currently -43C here (in our defence, that’s with the wind chill). Lol, every winter I make a resolution to move somewhere warm ;)

Your resolutions sound reasonable. And what a year your 40th shall be, I’m sure! Happy New Year, Kristin!

Love the peacock. Beautiful!

Ruth[less] said...

I hope you can stick to your resolutions a bit better than I have so far!!! Oh, and I think one of them should be to come and visit me in Sydney in 2010 :D

Jane said...

Making those choices, you're going to have a great year! xoxoxox