Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thinking out loud Thursday #1

Welcome to the first of my 2010 Thinking out Loud Thursdays. I tried to come up with a better alliteration as it seems to be all the rage, but I've never been a huge fan of it & it shows, I think LOL Pretty much this is going to be a (weekly? monthly? who knows how interested I'll be as the year progresses) random collection of things I've thought or seen or been interested in over the past week. I expect it to be a real hodge podge with no real meaning, but maybe you'll find something interesting, too. So hang on, here we go!

I don't know about you, but my computer is ugly. I think I could be more productive if I had something super cool. I want one like this:

Check out SchultzeWORKS

Sweet Hubby moment: A quick phone call a few minutes after he knocked off work - "I have just enough money in my hand for each of us to have a couple of beers. Would you like some?" and he remembered my favourite choice (a big deal, he tends not to remember details so much!)

Saving mashed potatoes:
Have you ever made mashed potatoes that turned out to be just slightly not the right texture? Really yummy but just a little too smooth? I did the other day. (Yes, I said "I"!) But hubby discovered (by accident?) how to fix them right up so they are darned near perfect.

Pop them in a glass baking dish - we used the lid of one so we had a longer, thinner layer rather than a big mass - and put them uncovered in the oven (set to about 180C) for half an hour or so. Make sure not to brown the top. Perfect!

How about jumping rope to get fit?
Dave and I had a little jump-rope-a-thon the other night. Basically we learned that we suck at it. We're not in grade school anymore, Toto. We probably need a little more practice before we try out for the team.
Now this is jumping rope.
Watch the whole thing coz it's just simply amazing!

I see you visualizing exactly the kind of person using this (from There, I Fixed It)

Treadmill time.
Dave has been super good about jumping on the treadmill for some real running action. I'm taking more of a feline approach, as illustrated by Boof.

I love sharks.
Some super cool research on Hammerhead sharks was released this week.

Women's razors.
I know, weird topic, yes? But sometimes I think about these things. Like the other day when Hubby brought me home my very own Ladies Shaver. I'm guessing he did it coz he's not totally behind my using his all the time.

I'm not a huge razor fan. I mean, yes, I use them as needed, but I've never watched one of those ads for the 14 bladed, ergonomically designed, space shuttle tested, engineered by the tops shaving minds on the planet, add a battery to get a buzz (what the hell does the battery powered razor offer over a non-battery powered razor anyway?), demonstrated by some strong jawed male model with a way past five o'clock shadow and thought "Oh my god, that's it! I must have one of those razors RIGHT NOW and my life will be complete!" or, errmmm, "Oh my god, that razor is just thing my husband needs and our lives will be complete!" Perhaps that's just me and I'm we're missing out.

Anyhoo, so Hubby brings home the lady version. Because, obviously, the razors for men won't work on a woman and I've been deluding myself all these years. It's taken a team of 100s and an R&D budget of millions to create the male version, but it's still just not quite right for the fairer sex. Nope. Better do it all again for the ladies.

So, what's different? Well, the women's version is H-U-G-E. Remember those big fat crayons & pencils we had back in kindergarten? The ones our tiny hands just couldn't control very well, but we were all told "It's OK to color outside the lines. That's creative!" Well, now we can relive that experience in our showers. I'm not sure how being creative with our shaving technique is a good thing or how having a honkin' big handle is meant to help those with presumably dainty hands, but what do I know - I'm not in marketing or R&D.

But at least it's a pretty colour.

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Amanda said...

I like the way you think out loud!! And I have also puzzled over why they make the handles on ladies' razors so big. I think it's supposed to be comfortable or something...s