Saturday, March 1, 2008

All beach

We walk on the beach several times a week with our friends and their sweetie Blue Heeler, Digger. Dig is a bit toy obsessive so he spends most of his time chasing the ball or frisbee, waiting for his dad to throw said ball or frisbee or wading out into deep water to drop the ball or frisbee so dad can play fetch, too! Tilly occasionally tries to get into the game, but she doesn't quite have the attention span required yet

Digger is pretty sure that he's not too interested in our girls, though he is learning to deal with Tilly directly instead of just hoping against hope she'll disappear. For Tilly's part, she is still oblivious to social signals

After every walk, Digger gets a drink from a specially chilled water bottle. Tilly has recently decided that she might be interested, too. Mostly Digger lets her have a snuffle, but he'll tell her when she's outstayed her welcome. Tilly, in typical baby Ridgeback fashion, doesn't quite get the whole drinking from the bottle thing ... she mostly stands there while Mary or Ross squirts water on her head.

While Dig chases his toy, Dora and MatildaLily run and play together

It's not often there is a momentary lull in the action...

Tilly has found a good way to beat the heat - she breaks the ice bag open, spreads it across the backseat and makes herself comfy

The weather here has been super lately with gentle winds and low swell. That may be changing as we keep our eyes on another Tropical Cyclone - Ophelia - up north. Hopefully her track will take her well away from us. We are likely to still get higher swells and some of the edge of any wind and rain near the end of the week.

This morning was a little windy from the south, but we still hit the beach for a nice - and much needed- romp. Yesterday the Devil Child discovered a new source for one of her favourite chew toys - toilet paper. Now it doesn't matter that we put the pack in the closet...she simply grabs the roll off the wall mount! And, yes, she does have a toilet brush fetish, too...

On the way home, Tilly was being a monster and would not get back in the back seat. She was sopping wet and all sandy, so I caved and let her hang out in the front seat. She was very well behaved and sat quietly, so it worked out. Coming back to the house we saw one of the Father Emus with his three babies...

Til wasn't quite sure what to make of it

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