Saturday, March 15, 2008


We aren't diving today, but have big plans for tomorrow. I'm taking today to tidy up some office things so I can be free to dive tomorrow and hopefully take Concord around to the West Side with Dave on Monday.

Dora, Tilly and I did our first official walk to the shops this morning. I hooked them up to the double lead and away we went. Tilly was extremely excited and her little puppy brain had her hopping all over the place with the new smells and sounds. I wouldn't call it a relaxed or enjoyable walk, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Dora tried to be patient with MatildaLily's darting to and fro and her having to nip at Dora's neck every time she went by, but halfway back decided that the little dog needed to have a talking to - that's not easy on the arms when you're attached the other end of the lead! Til is doing pretty well at "sit" before we cross a street, so that's a positive. I think a few more walks and we'll all enjoy them a lot more! No photos as I didn't I could do that, too!

Dora and Tilly are totally enjoying the time we spend on the beach each day. Dora loves to take herself out for a little paddle around and Tilly is getting more insistent on following - no matter what the sea conditions are like. She just has no fear of the water and doesn't even mind getting swamped!

She's even becoming a better swimmer, with moments of no frenetic splashing! But ultimately, she just really wants to be with her sister. Dora again displays more patience than I would have, but draws a line when she's had enough...not that Tilly understands or cares about the reprimand LOL

This week's destruction was the back garden. We've been slowly but surely losing plants but this week Tilly kicked it up a notch and not only decided to doom the greenery, but also the reticulation and decorative elements. I didn't notice until I was talking on the phone to Dad about how she's been pretty good about NOT destroying stuff! only 22 more months or so, right?

Tilly is getting better about riding in the car. We are now able to have the back windows down most of the way, most of the time, without her trying to wriggle out. She still prefers to sit on her sister instead of on the seat and she still tries to sneak into the front seat if you're not diligent, but we'll get there!
What do you mean I can't come in the front?

What?? I'm sittin' quietly...

See, oh so quiet sittin'!

I finally found the battery to our waterproof slim Olympus camera, so thought I'd take it out to the beach with us as the tide's up a little bit and the Girls spalsh so much I get paranoid about the unprotected Canon. We had an excellent play down on the beach this morning. We walked with the usual suspects first and Dora was extremely energetic for parts of it. Tilly found a bit of tumbleweed and thought she was All That so Dora thought she should really have that taken away from her.
It's my stick-thingie!

The chase is on!

Success, after dumping it in the water and both dogs forgetting about it!

We let Tilly wander a little further afield now that she has had all of her puppy shots. She loves these little outcrops of spiky plants.

Dora went over to make sure she wasn't missing out, but Tilly was busy shaking the sand off and on to new things.

Back at the cars, the Girls still seemed too frisky, so we decided to head off for a bit more walking. A few minutes into our second round, more friends and their dogs joined us. The dogs ran and jumped and splashed and generally had a great time while we stood around and chatted. Never could get all five in the frame at once! It was nice to catch up and a great chance for our dogs to socialize a little more.

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