Thursday, March 6, 2008

No cyclone, but a bit overcast

Cyclone Ophelia toddled off to sea but she did give us the edges of some wind, overcast and swell. The ocean and Gulf are dirty but hopefully they will clear up quickly!

Dave took the 20D with 10-22 out the other day as we put Concord back in the water after her repaint and survey. He captured some great shots of the clouds moving in - it's pretty cool!

Ross, Mary, Digger, the Girls and I were out walking at the same time. We had more of the middle of the system instead of the cool edges but it was still interesting to watch. I think we had a total of ten drops of rain from it, but there was some nice lightening across the Gulf as we walked back to the cars.

March is whizzing by already and as you'd suspect, we are running around like mad things trying to make sure all is in order for the busy season. Next weekend is GamEx, a big fishing competition, and the town will be busy. We will likely see that as the start of things, although we don't expect to be flat out until the following weekend. Tilly is taking it in her stride...

She's getting more energetic every day so I've been trying to concentrate on recording those rare, quiet moments that we are all coming to cherish so much! Like with her chicken...

and with her Dad...

with her Sister, Dora...

One of the downsides of the weather we've been having lately is that the grasses are growing at an incredible rate. And this means that Dora's allergies are playing up again. They aren't as bad as they have been in the past, but I always feel bad for her when she gets those little patches where her fur falls out on her belly and sides!

Dora is still being extremely patient with MatildaLily and McLily still insists on showing her love for Dora by being on her

Dora is resigned - can't even have her paw left alone

Tilly is such a dufus sometimes. It's very hard to look regal when your ears are inside out!

But both girls are happy and healthy and we've been trying to hit the beach more often to drain some energy from Til and to keep on the right path with Dora's fitness program. She's such a happy girl!

This morning was overcast on one side of the beach and bright sunshine with clouds on the other side. As we walked, the sun found a break in the clouds so we all stopped to enjoy the sunshine for a few minutes before continuing our exploration of all the flotsam and jetsam brought up with the tide and swell.

Even with the whole beach to relax on, Tilly must be right on top of Dora!

A friend of mine, Luke, has been working hard on revamping my photography business website - Kristin Anderson Photography - after he took pity on my non-existent web building skills. My newly refurbished web site is now ready for viewing, though there are still a few things missing (like the contact form, a blog at the end of the blog link and the Underwater gallery!) but they should all be up by the end of the week.

I have a couple of family shoots coming up in the next week or so and a big wedding event in April. Hopefully I will continue to grow my new venture - you'll need to another blog link to keep up with what's going on in my professional life, I expect to start blogging there on the weekend or early next week!

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