Sunday, March 9, 2008

The weekend's over already!

Where does it go? Dave finally got Concord back in the water...just in time to pull SeaZone out. So he's getting closer to being done with the boat prep for season, but there's still a lot of work to be done. He'll be very happy when it's done, as will I - be nice to see him for more than a few minutes each day. The Girls have been going to the boat with him some days and it's a great way to tucker them out!

Nothing keeps MatildaLily down for very long, so after a quick nap it's time for a little toy time...and she can't have Dora feeling left out! Forgive the crazy eyes and the blur on the side where I took Dave's foot out!

Followed by another little nap...

Naps don't last long and before you know it, Tilly's up and rarin' to go again - Dora's not so excited about Round Two

As soon as Tilly wanders off, Dora tries for some more sleep

Til doesn't really understand

But finally settles down for a little alone time herself

Even if she doesn't get why and feels all sad about it

It's not all about the dogs, we do have three cats who require a good amount of attention each day, too. None of them are wild about the new puppy yet, so some days it's a matter of waiting until the Devil Child is happily occupied before we can get some quality kitty time. Harry likes to hang out by the back door and watch the world go by - he hates when we blow his cover

as he prepares to defend his territory while in his deceptively casual pose

The subject of today's concentration is Boof, cautiously approaching the ramp

and then abandoning all trepidation to stick his face right into the camera!

We've been trying to hit the beach at least once a day for long walks and both girls are getting more and more active each time we head out. It's great as it drains energy from the puppy and hopefully helps speed Dora's weight loss progress! Sometimes I can get one of them to kind of stop for a photo

Other times there's no hope of stopping them, much less getting something in focus

Both of them love the water. Dora swims like a big ol' polar bear - all buoyancy and relaxed paddling. Tilly doesn't so much swim as splash like a maniac, but she has no fear of the deep end or of waves so we are hopeful she'll eventually get the hang of it. MatlidaLily must always be with her sister, of course

Both are currently occasional car chasers, so whenever we are walking on the sand and not out on the sand bars, we have the dual lead handy. This is a brilliant invention! They take turns helping

I didn't get a chance to dive last long weekend, but Ross, Mary and I headed out for a pair of dives yesterday. The conditions were a bit dirty and very surgy, so it made for a bit of an effort, but there is always so much to see on our dive sites that it was great fun anyway! I had some mechanical problems so was only able to use one strobe instead of two...until it died, too! A good reminder about being patient (while I waited for the dumb thing to recycle so I could eek out one more shot), for sure. Mary was keen eyed as always and showed me her Velvetfish, which isn't meant to be here

I found a cooperative eel

And, of course, there were plenty of octopus around, including this guy giving himself a little cuddle

We went out with Ross & Mary for dinner at Whaler's, a local restaurant, to help celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary (and Digger's birthday, but he had to stay home). It was a lovely way to end the day.

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