Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just Tuesday

We are counting down the days to our first busy weekend of the season so our days are spent answering emails, tidying up the dive shop (which looks fantastic, I really should go take some photos of it!), preparing the boats & buses and just generally double checking that everything is set to go. Dave's out driving the boat today and I am off to the airport to pick up our relief skipper for the season.

All of this dive shop activity doesn't leave much time for personal fun, but we are still getting out and about with the dogs for a bit of a break. The weather is still HOT in the afternoons, but the mornings are quite enjoyable.

Tilly is still a monster - so much energy! She's getting marginally better riding in the car but still tries her best to push into the front seat. She also actually sat all on her own the other day. I know this seems silly, but it's such a rarity for her not to sit on Dora at every opportunity.

Dora was pretty happy about it, too.

I've folded the back seats down now to give the dogs more room and she's discovered she can sit up on the edge of it to peer out the front.

Of course, in typical Ridgie puppy fashion, her balance isn't quite there yet and if you stop or go around a corner she slides off into the gap between the back of the front seat and folded rear seat. I have every faith that eventually she will figure it out, though I'm not holding my breath that it will happen any time soon!

We are so glad we live close to a beautiful and accessible beach. It is such a great stress reliever and just plain puts a smile on our faces when we head out for a walk or a play. Tilly was being such an extreme Devil Child the other day that even Dora had had enough. Dora gave her some talking to and then decided that wasn't enough - so she went straight over and took Tilly's toy away from her and wouldn't give it back!

Tilly didn't hold a grudge and insisted on sticking with Dora as she headed into the sea. We're not sure why she likes to stick her head under the water, but Dora will walk like that for 15-20 seconds sometimes!

Then Tilly thought Digger was feeling lonely so she tried to help him play catch with his ball.

Dig likes to drop his ball instead of bringing it all the way back to the person throwing it and Til didn't waste anytime scooping it up...and Dora didn't waste any time in telling Tilly to DROP IT.

Being a puppy of short attention span, MatildaLily then bounced over to Mary and grabbed Digger's lead. She likes his lead because it's one of those retractable ones and Mary lets her drag it out as long as she wants then let it go again so she can drag it out once more! Of course, Tilly's first thought was that Dora needed to be attached to the lead, too

but Dora wasn't interested and headed out for another swim.

Our life isn't totally about the puppies, but they do tend to be the easiest things to take photos of each day. I needed an office break a couple of days ago and decided to grab one of the new lenses I bought back in November, but have been sadly neglecting. You can see more of these shots, and keep up with what's going on in my professional photography life, by heading over to my Kristin Anderson Photography blog but here are a few more, too (some are doubled up)

I only puttered around in the backyard with it so concentrated on the birds mostly

And, of course, the dogs - Tilly's evil grin

Dora wishing it was over

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