Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still raining

Doesn't look like the weather is going to be any better today or tomorrow, either. Dave and I have been trying to break up the boredom of being trapped inside by going for some drives during the lulls in rain showers. Yesterday he had to drive around to Tantabiddi, where we have our Whale Shark boat, to check on the dinghy - which turned out to be sinking. The flooding was crazy and Dave got some good shots.
The road just on the edge of town...

Usually flat and dry...

The road just north of Tantabiddi

Looks like the boat ramp at Tantabiddi wont' be usable for a while and that big rut down the side isn't going to help!

My hubby is such a softie - he rescued a whole box of frogs from the road on the way home. They must have become pretty good friends during the car ride

It's still raining today but some of the roads are open again - others are still pretty flooded. This is the turn off & road to the Lighthouse

More frogs were on the road today

And some kangas

Looking north from the Lighthouse - that grey on the land under the towers is all water!

to the West

It was so windy that when I faced south, the wind literally knocked me over!

Tilly never misses an opportunity to take advantage of Dave being a softy - she was straight into the front seat when I jumped out

This is the road that goes around the Cape...hopefully they'll do more than just stick some cones by it soon

The dogs have been cooped up for too long and Tilly was obnoxious in the car, as usual. She discovered a new toy - the rear seatbelt

Dora is pretty fed up with Til at the moment, but remains patient instead of getting snarky

We decided to try to hit the beach to let them out for a little run...the road wasn't great, but we made it! We had to drive through the a bit of flooding

Then down a little hill that is eroding away

before crossing a new river

There's miles of standing water everywhere

Coming back to town across the same crossing as the firetruck Dave shot yesterday

View from the middle of the road to the West

The emus are belligerently taking over the roads as their lairs get swamped.

Dora was ready to go home; Tilly was longing for more playtime...

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