Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring...

After a glorious week of weather, during which I was too busy to post, today is disgusting. It has been pouring rain since about 3am and we are totally socked in. The inclement weather is the news of the day, so all the fun stuff I've been doing since my last post will have to wait another day! It doesn't look like the rain is due to let up anytime soon.

Here's the view from our front porch during one of the lulls - at some stages of this front you can't see the cars. Dave's got his DryAZaBone out along with his big Akubra hat! Not often we have to break out the rain gear.

The dive shop is once again totally flooded and so is the street in front of us. This shot is actually when the water was low - you can see it creeping up under the wheels of the trailer and farthest bus. Such a joy...

We're still open, though we canceled our tours for the day. The phones still ring and you'd be surprised at how many people will brave the rain and the flooded streets to come in. The Open Water Course is at the pool coz they're gonna get wet anyway!

This is the park across from the pool and just half a block up from the dive centre

We weren't the only ones out driving around checking things out - this is all on the main road

Main road without cars driving through. The sidewalk is above that first tree on the left - there's a lot of water and not so much drainage!

One of the "retaining" walls next to the sidewalk

Some people aren't making great driving decisions in their small cars - this is out at the new marina development. I'm sure they'll fix this problem before more houses go in...

This is a little 10 foot deep gully in town - it's usually dry. That swirling water is where the road starts.

And here's the road on the high side of town, right by the shopping complex - got a little white water rapids action going for us today

Happily, I had an office day planned after a good weekend of diving and enjoying the outdoors! I will try to get some non-rain news and images up later this afternoon or tomorrow.

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