Monday, May 25, 2009

Dave's home & another week disappears!

Once again I find that the last time I checked in was a whole week ago!  I have no idea where this past week went either.  I know I was busy for the first half, then had a wedding on Thursday and have been sick ever since - I guess it is the delirium of my head cold that has made me lose days!

Dave finally got home from Perth last night and we are all so happy to have him back! He didn't get in too late, but as I was super sick I was already in bed. The Girls got up to greet him enthusiastically and then Tilly cried her little heart out when he closed the door to have a shower. She loves her dad for sure!

I see that he's brought home a carload full of stuff along with a huge trailer packed to the gills, so I'm guessing he'll be unpacking most of today! Can't wait to see what new goodies we have...

The Girls and I hit the beach most mornings last week and it was incredible to see the change. Early in the week there was tons of seaweed pushed up on the beach along with about ten million red bell jellyfish. They simply blanketed the entire strip of sand where we walk.

They are super squishy and really cold on your toes when you accidentally step on them! Gross.
As the week went on there were fewer and fewer jellies to navigate around and the sand became softer and less pebbled, too. Of course, it also became sinkier so walking was more of a leg workout, but that's not a bad thing! I love walking on the beach in the mornings. Not only is it beautiful, but I get such pure joy from watching Dora and MatildaLily just let go and have FUN.

They love to be scary with each other

And in the blink of an eye, they'll calm down and explore quietly together (for about 3 seconds with Til, but still, it's a period of calm!)

This week should be a busy one as I try to tidy up a few things for the end of the month. I hope Dave and I can find some time to get out and do whatever at least a couple of times now that he's home again!

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