Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Monday morning & I can't sleep

Another pretty much sleepless night for me here, so I thought since I've finished the first round of work emails, that I'd pop up a post before heading in to the dive shop or to the beach with the Girlies.

Yesterday the dogs and I hit the beach pretty early and it was gorgeous.  The moon was huge and the sky really showed off some nice morning colours if you looked back to the West.

Both dogs were super energetic and even Dora ran around most of the walk. I was far more sedate except for the times I had to try to get out of the way in a big hurry!

It brings such joy in to my day to get out for a walk and to see Dora and MatildaLily so happy...sure wish it was as easy for humans to simply be happy.

Tilly is trying to learn to fly

It's harder to get shots of Dora running, not because she doesn't, but because she insists on staying quite close to me most of the time. When she does run a bit further away, 9 times out of 10 her sister Til zooms right over and demands to play.
What do you want now??

Dora is very patient, though she doesn't miss an opportunity to let her inner grizzly out.
Run, Little Dog!

You'll be sorry!

KAPOWIE, take that, Little Dog!

Haven't had enough? Let's go again!

Dora was so full of energy yesterday that she even instigated some of the more exuberant playtime

Then lulling Til into a false sense of security (and making sure I was watching!)

Yup, we sure had a great time at the beach yesterday. A little swim & shake

A little bask in the sun

And a little stretch of the ol' legs

What a great way to start the day.

After that it was pretty much downhill for me as I spent most of it in the office and down at the dive shop while everyone else got to go out and do fun things like swim with 5 different whale sharks or dive some a site we almost never get to visit or explore a new site. Poor poor me!

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