Saturday, May 30, 2009

HOT airfares to Australia

Once again those of you in the US who are looking to come Down Under for a visit are being enticed by incredibly low airfares over a good range of dates.  Shame that the fares aren't available going the other way, too!

So, if you keep thinking about it but haven't decided, check out this link for some super low fares. 

If you can fly out of Chicago, you can get all the way to Perth for about $650 one way. That's a super nice deal.

Fares within Australia have been pretty good to get you to the West Coast, too.  Unfortunately, Skywest - the only airline to serve the Ningaloo Reef - is still stupidly expensive most of the time, but there are some "reasonable" fares from Perth to be had on many dates that match up with the super low international fares.

So, don't put it off - come see us soon! The sale ends on the 2nd of June so you gotta hustle!

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