Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yup, more of the same

I really am pretty much of a one hit wonder - dogs, beach, more dogs, more beach.  Seems that's all I get out to do lately and even on those outings I'm not taking many photos to share!  Oh well, I hope you all aren't too bored with yet more shots from our morning walks...if you are, skip ahead :)

We've had our share of cloudy days lately but sometimes we still get some pretty sky in the least for a few minutes before it goes all grey again!

The doggies don't care what the sky is doing, they just love being at the beach with their mom.

Dave's been home for a few days now but we haven't had much time to do anything together. Haven't even gotten out for a ride in the beach buggy we finally got back from Perth. He's been out and about running errands and showing the buggy off so hasn't gotten home early enough for us to do anything. Hopefully we'll get out today or tomorrow and I'll try to take some photos of the slick ride!

I've been slack at hitting the beach for the past couple of days because it's been so dang cold in the early morning but today I was more energetic and it was slightly warmer so I loaded up the Girlies and off we went. The Gulf was flat and the sun made everything gorgeous as it rose.

Dora and MatildaLily were very excited to be on the beach again and ran, swam, played, hunted in the tidepools and generally did doggie things. Dora really had a blast and was running around in that particular galumphing way that Ridgeback puppies are known for - and she hasn't been a puppy for a long while!

I think we have some family coming up from Perth early next week and I'm excited to see them. It will be the first time I get to see their new baby, too. I hope the weather and conditions are perfect for them and that Dave and I can take some time to enjoy having them here.

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