Saturday, May 2, 2009

Quiet few days

Somehow I have been able to catch up on a whole list of things over the past few days and I've been feeling a lot less overwhelmed.  Dave and I still aren't finding time to do much "fun" stuff but at least we don't feel like we're running around like chickens with our heads cut off anymore!

We did take the Girls down to the beach for a stroll the other evening. It was one of those stunning evenings with just a hint of breeze, totally flat Gulf and beautiful skies. The Girls loved being able to have a long run as a change to just roaming around as Dave fishes. Dave and I enjoyed walking hand and hand while we chatted about not much of anything. I didn't even bother taking the big camera out of the car, just carried the baby Canon with me for some snappies. It was very nice.

Dora will walk with her head under the water for ages. Tilly has just started to learn this trick from her big sister.

Dora loves to run alongside us

Til watching the sunset

Dave is off to Perth this weekend and he'll be gone for about three weeks. We're hoping to be able to get out later this afternoon with the dog-lets and just hang out together before he leaves.

I had the opportunity to do an awesome cruise & visit to Italy this coming August, but the timing just didn't work out so I had to pass, unfortunately. It's not all bad news as Dave and I are working on our plans for our niece's September wedding up in Broome. We've never been there and are excited about having a little holiday together!

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