Friday, May 8, 2009

I lost 8+ pounds & 22+ inches!

You all know that I'm a compulsive reader.  Doesn't matter if I'm reading a book, waiting in a doctor's office, standing in line at the supermarket...I always find something to read (and I learn a lot of totally useless facts, too).  I just can't stop myself.

This is not a bad thing, except when it comes to travel. I usually carry at least 7 or 8 books with me (I read pretty fast) and my carry-on is filled to the gills just with books. I usually run out and end up buying more at airports or wherever I happen to be...and since I seem to be unable to throw books away or leave them behind, my weight allowance gets eaten up quickly!

No more. Back in March I bought myself a Kindle. I wasn't 100% sure about an electronic "book" when I first came across the concept, but a little research and a lot of links from Amber convinced me that this was going to be a top gadget that would make my life easier.

And, so, as soon as I opened the box, I lost 8 pounds or more of carry-on and over 22 inches of space eating stuff.

In fact, I'll probably keep the Kindle in the outside pocket and free up the entire interior of my bag.

I'm not going to go into the technical aspects of the Kindle here, there's plenty of info on that with a google search or simply head to the Amazon site linked above. I will say that I really like my Kindle and am very glad I bought it. And I haven't even traveled with it yet. I've already read a few books, including the new Clive Cussler Corsair

I'm really enjoying it. I love having a huge range of books to choose from and I love being able to go right back to where I left off without having to spend 5 minutes trying to figure out if I've read that part yet!

Being able to change the font size is a great thing when I read in bed. As my eyes get tired, I can simply increase the font size a bit if I'm not quite ready for sleep. I apologise, I should have taken a photo to really illustrate how crystal clear the type is on the screen but you can see that on other sites - so you'll just have to trust me when I tell you it is superbly crisp and easy to read.

I haven't needed to go this big yet, but I can if I want to

Usually I read on the font that turns out to be pretty close to a normal paperback's

How about comparing the Kindle to other stuff I usually travel with? Like a pen and some headache tablets...

I wasn't over the moon about the boring ol' white-ish colour the Kindle itself is, so I dressed mine up with a skin from DecalGirl. There are tons to choose from and I'm very glad I spent the extra $15 or whatever they are. The skin is very easy to keep clean and puppy & kitty fur just blows right off. And it looks be-a-u-ti-ful, too!

I love the size of this thing and I can't wait to do a trip, fully loaded with more books than even I can read and all in a package smaller & lighter than a magazine.

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