Thursday, May 7, 2009

How I spent my morning

The Girls and I headed for the beach early this morning to get in a good walk before work since we had a bit of a later start at the dive shop today. This post is not about the walk.

It's about what happened when we all hopped in the car to come home.

I got bogged. Seriously bogged.

I wish I could have taken a photo under the car, but it was just solid sand.

Thank goodness I had actually taken my phone with me this morning. Usually I leave it on the counter! I called my friend Rodger and he came out to save us.

But then HE got bogged. Seriously.

The Girls thought the humans were ridiculous and were quite content to look smug and pull faces at us.

Dora finally accepted that rescue would be a while so grabbed a nap

Rodger was able to dislodge my little Boobalaru from the sand trap and then we hooked her up to his car and pulled him free, too.

So our half hour walk turned in to an hour an a half adventure. The Girls are sleeping it off now...

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