Saturday, May 9, 2009

I say "Bah Humbug" on this week

This week has been crappy and stressful more than it's had highlights.  There have been serious concerns and there has been what seems like a never ending stream of little, annoying, time & energy consuming less serious concerns. I'm ready for a happy day!

I haven't been out and about doing much more than taking the Girls to the beach, so here are just some more puppy photos. The light one morning while we were out was so stayed like that for ages, it was very pretty.

Our Dora is such a delicate lady-like doggie

And some from before the great adventure happened the other day...

Tilly just being happy

Tilly in her serious thinking mode

Tilly in her more usual out of control, goofball mode (this time with "scary" face)

Tilly getting whoomped by a wave

And some of Dora while waiting for rescue

I have a big weekend of boring ol' paperwork plus a ton of photo stuff to deal with so I'll be office bound for most of it. Doesn't make for much exciting news but hopefully I'll at least have some new photos to share...or maybe I'll work on some of the trip report...or maybe I'll get to the underwater shots from April...or maybe I'll...

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