Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dave's off to Perth

He left early this morning so the furry children and I are on our own for a few weeks. Before he left he was kind enough to clean and setup the spa for me

The evenings are getting cooler so it's perfect timing...and since he can't enjoy it too often while he's here because of his feet, it's also the perfect time for me to be able to enjoy it without feeling like we're not doing things together! We seem to have sprung a leak, though, as the water level is a tad lower today than it was last night after he filled it. Hope it's not too bad!

We managed to get down the beach yesterday evening. The Girls were crazy excited to go and hopped in the car after running out on the footpath to say a big HOW DO to some poor unsuspecting woman & her dog!

The evening was pretty amazing...almost made me wish I'd brought my big camera instead of the baby Canon again.

Especially since it's pretty bad at making the doglets have demon eyes!

As the sun sank, the sky got very orange

but the colour sank away behind the dunes fast

Dave brought out some goodies for us to snack on

and they always seem to bring out good behaviour for some reason!

We got home to make dinner and feed the furries, only to find that perhaps some of the four-leggeds, who shall remain nameless for now, have been helping themselves

I don't have any big plans while Dave is away. Tidy the house, work on photos, deal with the dive shop...pretty much the same things as always. I'm already looking forward to having him back home!

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