Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where in the world did this week go?

Somehow it's Sunday already.  Last time I looked, it was Monday.  I don't understand how that happens.

This week has been another pretty uneventful one for us.  I worked, I did housework, I worked, I took the doglets to the beach a few times, I worked.  The cycle of life.

I brought bones home for the Girls the other day and that was pretty exciting. At first they both looked at me like I was nuts "This doesn't look like hooman food and where's the pretty plate?" After trying to get them to be enthused about the treat, I gave up and went back to work. Several minutes later I hear NOM NOM NOM noises so figure they must have decided the offering was adequate. I popped out to record this momentous event (I told you life was lacking exciting adventures lately!)

MatildaLily was having some coordination problems with her bone but seemed to be having a good time

She's moderately paranoid about the cat trying to take it away from her and kept a nervous eye on Boof

Boof was doing his best to look menacing

You can see why Til would be scared!

Dora, being older and wiser, had taken her treasure away from the action and plopped down to enjoy her bone with a minimum of physical effort.

We've had a couple of overcast mornings this week and it made beach walking a bit chilly. I'm already in my track pants and a sweat shirt this year ... I hate winter and I can feel it coming on too fast! But the beach and sky are still pretty

and there's still things to see

and there's still plenty of fun to be had

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