Monday, June 8, 2009

Arrrrgghhh! It's cold!

Well, I have to admit that winter is actually here.  It was 8C again this morning (and I think that's being generous!) when I headed in to work and down to the beach with Dora.  My feet froze.  I might have to break down and figure out some sort of shoe type substance coz I almost turned around a few minutes in to our walk because my toes were so frozen I was afraid if hit a rock they'd break right off!

Winter sucks. Bring back summer, I say.

The morning was beautiful despite the cold. The sunrise was complimented by a huge moon, it's full tonight I think, descending to the West.

Dora was in total frenetic puppy mode today - galloping and gallumphing everywhere, sniffing every bit of flotsam, doing a little dig here and there. I think she does miss Tilly a little bit, at least when it comes to the rough-housing she wanted to do. I'm a poor substitute since I won't let her put her teeth on me or knock me to the ground and jump on me (at least when I can avoid it!) But I think she kinda enjoyed alone time, too.

This is her "mom told me to sit, but maybe if I just sorta look like I'm going to sit that'll be good enough" pose

Dave and Tilly aren't enjoying Perth too much from what I hear. Til refused to get out of the car all day yesterday until she was bribed with Chicken Treat. Hopefully she'll be more relaxed today - especially when she gets to the vet for her ultrasound.

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