Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Glorious morning

Who says whinging doesn't work?  Today was perfect on the beach - cool, but not cold thanks to last night's cloud cover.  Dora and I headed down very early - it was DARK and the moon was still up

We got in a lovely 45 minute brisk walk plus 15 or so minutes of poking around in the sand dunes.  The sunrise was nice, but not truly spectacular...it's a tough life having mornings like this be just "normal"

The clouds socked in again pretty quickly up north for a while

but disappeared again by the time we got back to the car.

We had seen a lot of kangaroos on the drive to the beach, but only saw this one guy on the drive out...they seem to disappear by about 0715

Talked with Dave a little earlier and he reports Tilly is slightly happier today - first time she's wagged her tail since they've been there, he says! He also said that last night he had to get in the car and push her out because she refused point blank to even consider getting out...and then in the middle of the night she decided it was too cold and tried to hop in bed with him. Unfortunately where he's staying is a single bed and there's just no way those two are fitting in that! She's such a sook, she has her own bed that he took with him AND a blanket. Spoiled doggie.

He took her to the dog beach yesterday and she was so scared of the other dogs, even little puppies, she ran back to the car - twice! What a gumbette.

They're planning on starting to drive home Thursday, but it may take them two days with the fully loaded trailer. I think all of us will be happy when they finally get back!

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