Monday, June 29, 2009

Big Sunday!

Yesterday was an eventful day for me!  The dogs and I got up early and hit the beach despite the threat of rain that still hung over Exmouth.  It was a perfect beach walking morning - nice temperature, just a hint of breeze, smooth, hard packed easy to walk on sand, no one else around.  We're out before the sun comes up anyway, so the grey skies didn't really matter.  Made it a little darker, of course, but no biggie.

There were tons of roos out so I puttered down the access road very slowly on the way in - good thing because another stupid little kanga hopped out and whomped the front of my car. I thought I'd really hurt this one as he laid in front of the bumper for a few seconds before standing up, giving himself a shake and a stretch then turning and hopping off into the bush. I watched him jump out of sight and he seemed OK. Hope so!

I had the Canon 100-400 lens with me specifically to try to get some better kanga shots, so I was happy to see on the way back from the beach there were even more kangaroos out and about so I stopped and tried for some photos. Shame it was so dark and overcast, I had to really push the limits of my gear and my hand holding techniques! This first group of three were pretty animated and then they heard ol Thunder Butt, the Photo Ruiner, coming and all hopped away after him.

There were lots of little groups keeping an eye on us

Back home I did some work and waited for it to be 10 so we could head out for a dive. The skies didn't clear, but the rain stayed away and we headed out to Bundegi again. More photos coming later...

Dave and I took the Girls to the beach for another beach BBQ and romp in the late afternoon, only the rain started to spit and the big car wouldn't start so we canned the BBQ and just played instead. Dave spotted a beautiful hawk-type bird on the beach, eating some treasure and I tried to get up close to it. I kept the long lens on as it just doesn't get taken out too often anymore - it's not so good for weddings & portrait work! - and I always feel bad about neglecting my gear. Glad I did! (though secretly I yearn for a 600mm lens!)

Dora and Tilly had a great time romping on the beach, exploring all the newly refreshed scents and chasing the sea birds

The rain held off and we had a great time just relaxing. Tilly does this wierd thing where she runs like a maniac back to the car and jumps in, then when you get close, she jumps out and does it all over again. Nut. Bag.

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