Saturday, June 6, 2009

Two girls on their own

Dave and MatildaLily are on the road to Perth this morning after a big day packing up to leave yesterday. Dave took a huge load of stuff down to Perth...hopefully not all of it is coming back (just the tanks & the puppy,please!)

Both dogs were very concerned yesterday afternoon. They knew something was up, but weren't just sure what was going on.

Dora and I have enjoyed the short time we've had to ourselves already. We went for a nice walk down to the shops and she was so pleased and proud to have her lead on - she carried it herself, head high, tail waggin happily. We walked back with a friend and his dog and I was able to let go of Dora so she could snuffle around at her leisure coz I know SHE won't run away or be naughty off the lead.

I've also managed to get Kelly, Ryan & Kirra's photo shoot up in the blog already so you can see a few more of their images at Kristin Anderson Photography blog. Here's another shot from right after being out on the boat...messy face and all! Enjoy!

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