Friday, June 5, 2009

Ry, Kel & Kirra catch fish!

We had family up for a few days earlier this week and Dave was able to get out with them every day during their stay.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to go out on the boat with them, but we had a couple of dinners and a couple of photo shoots together so that was nice.

Kellie brought in the biggest catch of the trip...Ryan was a little jealous. It was almost too heavy to hold - especially with Kirra on her hip!

None of them can complain really as they all did pretty well and both of our families have a bit of fish socked away in the freezer now.

The cats were in heaven, but waited patiently for scraps as the men prepared to fillet

We were meant to do the photo session in the late afternoon one day, but the fishing trip went a little long and it turned out to be a really overcast, blah sky day so we only did a few shots. Kirra wasn't that interested in the whole thing, but did surprisingly well for having been out on the boat all day! I met them at Tantabiddi before we headed for the beach under the lighthouse.

Rebel sea gull

Returning from a big day out swimming with whale sharks & fishing

A couple quick shots at the boat ramp while they unloaded

And one from the beach by the lighthouse

There are lots more family shots, but you'll have to check KJA Photos blog for a full blog post on them soon!

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