Friday, June 5, 2009

The Great 3 Kilo Challenge - Part I

Dora & MatildaLily had their annual check-up on Wednesday and the news was not good.   Both are overweight (not really news!) so we have all decided to drop some excess poundage.  OK, so they didn't decide and they aren't that thrilled with the new portions, but we humans have decided to make a game of it for ourselves and so the puppies are playing along.

First one of us to drop 3kgs (6.5 pounds) wins a prize! I know 3kgs seems like an awkward amount but we have reasons:
1 - it will be just over half of what MatildaLily needs to drop
2 - it will take Dora back down to under the 50kg mark
3 - it's more or less what the humans have managed to stack on in the past 6-9 months
4 - it's not THAT much to lose so it shouldn't take forever, which is good coz our interest level in the contest is likely to wane if we don't see some results fast!

The kitties have chosen not to participate, though two of them could stand to join us...I found this on LOL cats and thought it appropriate.
funny pictures of cats with captions

In other vet news, Til seems to have a heart murmur so she's off to Perth with Dave tomorrow so she can get an ultrasound and we can find out exactly what is going on. If this sort of thing can be said to have good timing, it does as Dave was heading down this weekend anyway to do some dive shop things and to take the oral exams for his Master Class V Skipper's Ticket that he wasn't able to do while he was there last month thanks to the DOTs lovely scheduling and procedures. Dave expects to be back home Wednesday - we're both glad it's only a short trip!

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