Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yummiest fish in the world!

Dave, Ry & Kel went out fishing yesterday and brought home a huge dolphinfish (also known as mahi-mahi) for dinner.  I've always liked mahi-mahi, but last night's fish was hands down the BEST fish I have ever eaten.  Dave rocked this fish - it's scrumptious...this morning I'm happily noming my way through the leftovers and expect to snarf it all before lunchtime!  It's even excellent cold.

The cats thought it was pretty awesome, too

I headed to the beach before sunrise this morning so the Girls and I got to see the first rays pop into the cloudy sky. It was intense and very beautiful to start with but once the sun came over the horizon it was pretty much hidden behind a solid bank of clouds and the colours disappeared.

Even looking north away from the sun itself was very pretty, if more subdued

Dora & MatildaLily played hard today - in and out of the water, up and down the dunes, snuffling everything in sight, digging in the sand - I got tired just watching them!

Yucky swampy stinky mud? Nope, I don't see any of that, Mom.

There was some sort of big bird hanging out in the swampy area...I wasn't able to get a very good shot of him so hopefully he'll be there again on another morning. I have no idea what he is.

I can't believe how well he blends in to the background

He wasn't overly impressed with the dogs running around like maniacs so would fly off, then swing around and land further away, then fly off again. As we headed back to the car I saw him tuck in to his original spot so at least he wasn't totally freaked out.

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