Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dora wins!!

Dora kicked ass on our 3kg Challenge this month! Her prize? A day hanging with her Mom & Dad - without Tilly! :)

She started at 52.8kgs on the third of June and yesterday weighed in at 49.6kgs for a total loss of 3.2kgs! That's an awesome result and we are hoping that her loss keeps going at a steady pace so maybe we can finally get her to a healthy weight and keep her there.

Tilly lost .9kgs so also has been doing pretty well. The weight isn't coming off quite fast enough so we are reducing her meals a little bit more and hopefully that will get us to her goal in good time, too. I sometimes wish someone could just measure our food out of a bag and call it good - it would be so much easier.

The humans didn't come close to keeping up with Dora so we won't spend much time dwelling on it! As all four of us still have work to do, we're going to do our 2nd Great 3 Kilo Challenge starting today :) We'll all get there and we'll all feel happier and healthier once we do.

Yesterday was a gorgeous morning down on the beach watching the sun come up. The dogs weren't in a photo mood so I didn't take many but it was nice just to be out and about with them.

There were a surprising number of kangaroos on the access road when we left the beach. This guy wasn't too smart - it's hard to see in the small photo, but he's looking the wrong way! Then he hopped off to join his mates.

I don't know what it is about these flowers but I think they are very pretty. Looking at them I can almost imagine a light frost dusting their leaves.

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