Monday, June 22, 2009

Beach evening

Dave and I took the Girls out to our block for a play and a look around yesterday.  The dogs went crazy searching out all the bunny trail smells and we humans discussed plans for the new house in preparation for winning big on Lotto. The block is reverting back to its natural state - I can't believe how fast the native vegetation starts to move back in.

We zipped down to the beach in front of our property to check out low tide. I've never seen it this low and it was so neat. Tide pools out for at least 50m, maybe more. As I was walking out I got shot - by an octopus! Those white blobs are part of the stream of water they shoot out to shoo you away.

I called Dave over and he got shot, too

Dora always loves to check out the tide pools

bummer that I was falling off my little rock so I missed her getting squirted! But it was funny!

Dora and MatildaLily romped hard

And I went into stealth mode to try to get closer to the ospreys that were checking our beach out.

After spending some time dreaming of the future - complete with beach cabana and imported Mexican chefs from our favourite Cozumel restaurant making margaritas and chicken verde burritos - we loaded up and went to Mowbowra Creek. It was picture postcard perfect as the sun started to sink.

Look closely - there's an osprey up there on one of the trees, too

Dave walked around onto those rocks and the doglets tried to follow, but they're not really mountaineers so didn't get very far

They did have a great time swimming in the creek, even if Til did take the opportunity to annoy Dora again, as usual

Always taking little time outs to check to see what dad was up to

We played with the stick for a while

Tilly thought maybe going deep would help her win...but Dora had other ideas

Tilly didn't miss an opportunity to be a nutcase

Back in the car, she settled onto her favourite seat...Dora

and when she got told off, did the sooky head on shoulder with her dad

It was great to get out as a family, it's been too long.

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