Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dave & Tilly are home...and I went diving!

After hearing how great the conditions have been for the last two months, I finally freed up a morning to head out for some diving myself.  It was very nice to get away and be under the waves.  Conditions were warm, clear and blue.  I totally enjoyed being out there, but I didn't take many photos - don't know why, just relaxed instead!

The first dive had quite a bit of surge so I didn't even attempt to get up and under ledges and into my usual nooks & crannies. Just hung in the blue and watched the world go by. This enormous school of convict surgeons blanketed the reef at one stage - it was so cool coz you can hear them chomping away!

My dive computer bit the big one at some stage during this dive so its screen now simply tells me Err - I'm assuming that's a bad thing, so it's going in to the computer doctor on Monday. Good thing I don't rely on it as I have no idea how long it will take to get fixed...although with my diving record this year, I guess I might have two months before I hit the water again anyway!

Dive two was really blue again and there was no surge. We were looking for manta rays but another boat had been there before us and I suspect that they managed to freak the mantas out so we didn't see any. They're pretty resilient creatures, so I'm sure they were back there probably ten minutes after we left ... they like being uncooperative like that!

There was a super cool massive school of lined pufferfish right when I dropped down. They glided in, had a look at a couple of us, then floated higher and drifted away. It was pretty nifty

I also saw a three flippered turtle

and checked out some sea fans to see if they were still there. One of the bigger ones had been reduced, likely due to a big storm a while back, but there are a couple of others growing just fine

Would have been a great day out except that somehow I wrenched my back and spent the rest of the day in agony trying not to move around. It seems slightly better this morning so it was obviously just one of those things.

Dave and Tilly got home from their drive a few hours after I got back from diving. MatildaLily was super excited to be home and bounded all over the house, Dora, me, the kitties. I'll leave you to figure out how excited the kitties were to have her home. Dora did pretty well and they had a few big snarling rough and tumble playtimes right there in the living room!

Dave took some photos of Til while they were away. They are all in the car since she refused to get out. She's such a gumby dog.

Woe is me

On the way home she was much happier and snoozed most of the way, but had to be right up there with Dave. No, we don't understand how this can be comfortable.

When she was awake, she really thought it was probably her turn to drive...or at least navigate

I have no idea how she got her ears turned inside out just hanging in the car

but she knows she looks silly

She's such a character

So good to have the family all in one place again!

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