Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Friday divin'

After I had such a brilliant time with the whale sharks on Thursday last week, trying to resist heading out for some diving with my friends on Friday proved just too much so I hopped on their boat and headed to Lighthouse Bay.

It was really nice on the surface, but underwater was a challenge with a huge surge, lots of sand storms and tons of food in the water. Having all that food is a double edged sword, really. On the one side, the animals love it and are very active and abundant because of it. On the other side, it shines, sparkles, glows, glimmers and otherwise mucks up what could be perfectly good photographs!

I only did one of the two dives as my back was giving me trouble again and I didn't want to push it. Besides, it was nice just to laze on the boat for an hour in the sun and watch the birds, the water and a lone barracuda who hung out at the mooring to keep me company. Not too often I get totally quiet, peaceful alone time!

Juvenile humphead wrasse - these don't look anything like the adults!

Hawkfish poised on an outcrop of staghorn coral

Almost all of the anemonefish were hunkered in tight to their anemones

This beautiful nudibranch was happily feeding

This very fat white tip reef shark - she may be pregnant - was zooming around and around me as I was tucked back against a ledge.

My favourite turtle of the more than 15 I saw on this dive. He was hanging vertical on the reef, his flipper thrown over this sea fan holding him up. I'm surprised the fan didn't rip right off the wall!

And a couple more whale shark shots from Thursday