Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just checking in

Today was a huge day for me - I got tons of office stuff done, took Dora to the vet, ran a bunch of errands that I've been putting off, dealt with a lot of dive shop stuff and was finally able to deliver some very cool framed portraits.  I've been going going going since about 0530 and I'm tired!

Dora and I enjoyed our simple morning walk again today. I love MatildaLily but there is something nice about having a little walk without being zoomed every two minutes. And Dora thinks it's pretty neatorific not to get jumped over, gnawed on, banged into or otherwise harassed. I'll be glad to have Til back, but a break is nice.

The temperature was perfect today, even well before the sun peeked over the horizon. I didn't wear my ski hat and I even ditched my top layer after a few minutes. Just a gentle breeze blowing and the sand didn't freeze my tootsies. Why can't every winter's day be like that? We also had a few moments of pretty skies, though most of our walk was either a) dark or b) kinda flat light

Again there was a single kanga keeping watch over the road as we drove out

Dora and I did a lot of walking today. We ran some errands, covered the dive shop for a while and ran some more errands before heading to the vet. I didn't take her for the afternoon's errands coz she was limping, but I'm betting she's all recovered for the beach in the morning!

Dora is kicking butt on our 3kg Challenge - I don't think any of us will be able to catch her. She was 52.8kgs last Wednesday and today is 51.3kgs! That's 1.5kgs or 3.3 pounds in a week! Clearly we've been slightly overfeeding her up to now (how does one put an eye rolley smilie in a blog?!) We are also walking more, but it's definitely the reduced food that is doing the most good for her...guess I'll have to be more careful what I put in my own mouth if I want to be in this challenge!

From what I hear from Dave, Tilly will be oh so happy to be home as fast as Dave can drive. She is really not enjoying Perth at all. Sooking in the car all day long, refusing to get out. Crying and whinging when Dave does make her finally get out. She's ready to come home!

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