Monday, June 1, 2009

Kitties at 6400

Last night we had some friends and family around for a bbq and while we were waiting for them to arrive I decided to have a bit of a play with the Canon 1DIII and high ISO.  For those who aren't geeky like I am, here's some info in a nutshell: high ISO shooting is one of those Holy Grail type things for photographers.  It allows us to shoot in unreasonably dark conditions with no flash and still get images that are relatively clean and totally useable - by this we mean no terrible noise (looks like sparkles of red usually) or grain, especially in the shadow areas, and the photo is still crisp and sharp with lots of detail. 

Many dslr cameras are pretty good up to ISO 800, but only a few are any good beyond that and the list gets even shorter when we start talking about ISO 1600, then shorter again for ISO 3200 and positively brief for ISO 6400.  The 1DIII is a great option for this type of shooting and its high ISO capability is one of the main reasons I ended up buying it.

Enough geek for now, let's see some photos from my playing!

Lobo was moderately cooperative

Harry was not, but I still liked this one. He's starting to go just a little grey and those strands of fur add a cool texture, I think.

Dora wasn't that interested either, really

The Girls and I got up early early to sort some dive shop things out before hitting the beach for a big walk. It was a lovely morning, nothing spectacular, just warm, clear, bright...perfect for walking. Even though it wasn't one of those WOW mornings we still had neat light changes and there were lots of birds wandering around the shore - at least until Tilly noticed them and took off chasing them out to sea!

I'm in my office for most of the day again today, but am pretty sure that if I try hard I can knock over most everything that's still on my plate so I should be able to sneak out for some fun time tomorrow or Wednesday. I sure hope so as our skipper just rang and said the viz is 30m where he is today!!

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