Thursday, June 25, 2009

Exmouth Gulf beach BBQ

Last night Dave and I took the dogs out to Mowbowra Creek again for some fishing and a bbq.  It has been a very long week for both of us and we needed to just get away and not think about anything for a few hours.  The evening was perfect, except the tide was a little low for fishing!

Dora was eager to get to the beach and even came up to keep an eye on the route, to make sure we didn't detour! At the beach both girls were just crazy - running like maniacs, digging, playing with sticks, growling & pretending to be grizzly bears. Dave headed out to the water to try to fish, but between the really low water and two helpers that activity wasn't too fruitful!

We took a baby bbq down to the beach with us and Dave worked hard to get it started...the outcome was in doubt for a long while and he tried many creative things to spark it to life

We'd given up and resorted to nibblies for our dinner, when Dave thought he'd give it one more go. A little jiggling of wires here, a little well-placed thump there and click click whoosh - fire! So we tossed some sausages on and enjoyed listening to the sizzle as the last of the sun disappeared. Dora was sure there was something left on the tailgate of the car, but all the good stuff was on the barbie!

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